Key corporate milestones

1927 CSTC founded as a heat treating operation in Detroit, MI
1967 Established the Company’s first coating facility in Ecorse, MI
1976 — 1980 Launched Polyseal (GM6174M) and introduced Electro-Polyseal II (GM6047M)
1986 Obtains Magni license
1992 Worked with GM & Magni to develop GM-4435M Code-G for powertrain fasteners
1992-1993 1992-1993: Introduced Anodic E- Coat/Dorrlseal and Dorrltech to Ford and GM
2004 Introduced Cathodic E- Coat to GM, Ford and Chrysler
2008 Built heat treating facility in Machesney Park, IL to serve regional customers
2012 Curtis Metal collaborated with paint manufactures to introduce a single coat organic coating system to replace as a zinc coating replacement]
2012 Expanded Machesney Park facility adding an additional 35,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space
2013 Installed first Reinhardt drum system in Machesney Park
2014 Installed second Reinhardt drum system in Sterling Heights for additional capacity
2015 Installtion of first Reinhardt basket dip/spin system in US
2016 Installed new JESSUP automated barrel phosphate line at Machesney Park doubling phosphate capacity
2016 Installed Reinhart Barrel line at Sterling Heights, MI
2017 Installed Reinhart Basket System at Sterling Heights, MI
2018 Expanded processing faciltity by 30,000 sq. ft. at Sterling Heights, MI
2018 Installing Planetary Dip-Spin System at Sterling Heights, MI
Located in Detroit, Michigan, CSTC expanded from a ‘store front’ into a vertically-integrated post-production processor when it expanded into metal finishing in 1962, consolidating all heat treat and metal coating operations in Madison Heights (1987) and Sterling Heights (1988). In 1988, CSTC expanded its service region to Illinois by shipping product from its Michigan facilities.

As business grew, the Company constructed a new coating facility in Machesney Park, Illinois in 1994 to offer dip/spin services to local customers. In 2008, Curtis Metal established an additional heat treat facility in Machesney Park within three minutes of its coating facility to fulfill the Company’s ‘one-stop shop’ value proposition to its Illinois customers. The Company continues to set industry standards in start-of-the-art technology, evidenced by the installation of the Reinhardt basket system
in February 2015.

Coupled with the shift from zinc electroplating to engineered coatings, Curtis’s growing reputation and steadfast dedication to excellence propelled the Company to become the largest applicator of Magni, NOF and PPG coatings. Management leveraged Curtis’s burgeoning reputation as a top metal coating applicator to form collaborative relationships with OEM engineers and key decision makers and began working with premier coating suppliers on product and process development. These technical partnerships enhanced Curtis’s competitive positioning, enabled the Company to co-author numerous OEM coating specification.

Curtis Metal has invested heavily in the latest application machinery and operates within four industry-leading facilities equipped with state-of-the-art processing technology that allows the Company to efficiently service the post-production processing needs of existing and future customers. The Company’s available capacity and capabilities, focus on early adoption and innovation, strong relationships with end customers and suppliers and significant opportunities in new markets and products will enable Curtis to achieve its near- and long-term growth objectives.