As the largest full-service automotive fastener coating applicator in North America, Curtis Metal provides engineered protective coatings for all major automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 component suppliers, crossing virtually all vehicle platforms.

Agriculture & Construction

In the agricultural and construction markets, Curtis Metal provides pre-treatment and coating services for metal fasteners and components found on agricultural and construction vehicles and machinery, protecting them from the persistent wear and tear that these parts endure.

Curtis Metal services several blue-chip OEM’s including John Deere, Modern Tool & Die Company (MTD), Caterpillar, Bobcat, and AGCO, primarily through their worldwide distribution networks.

Appliance, Industrial,
Military and Other Industries

By being the preeminent technical intermediary between OEMs and the world’s largest coating suppliers, Curtis Metal routinely collaborates with OEM engineers and the leading suppliers of innovative coating solutions. This makes Curtis Metal the ‘go-to’ company for OEMs across multiple industries and sectors.

Companies and OEMs have grown to appreciate that Curtis Metal coating facilities are certified to apply an extensive array of metal coating products – including being the only company that is a certified applicator of Magni, NOF, and PPG. And with millions of dollars invested into our highly automated, state-of-the-art heat treating and coating machines, Curtis Metal rises above the competition as the premier coating provider.

Companies across multiple industries have also grown to depend on Curtis Metal because of our reputation with OEMs and coating suppliers. They have come to rely on Curtis Metal to provide exemplary quality, service, delivery and support at a competitive price, while supplying a broad range of heat treat capabilities that make Curtis a true ‘one stop solution’ for OEMs.

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